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Our Projects

Community Hall - Wooden log Structure

Abrasive Blasting Before and After - Leduc County
Sandblasting at Affordable Prices
Abrasive Blasting Before and After - Wood Structure - Leduc County
Sandblasting Paint Removal -  Edmonton - Leduc County

Farm Implements

Before and After Sandblasting Trailer - Rust Removal - Edmonton Area
Sandblasting Heavy equipment/Farm Implements
SandBlasting/MediaBasting Paint Removal/Rust Removal

Cabin - Wooden Log Structure

Abrasive Blasting Service
Abrasive Blasting Service
Sandblasting Wooden Log Home

Wood Garage Door

Sandblasting Service

Rusty Diamond Plate Floor

Rust Removal, Abrasive Blasting

Metal Doors

Paint Removal, Abrasive Blasting

Log Cabin

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